Steps to order a picture to draw for you

Step 1.From the menu below, please specify your desired work and contact us.

1. I make it freely.
2. I make a work of art with acrylic paint.
3.I make a work of art with watercolors.

Step 2.We will send you an email confirming your order.

Step 3.Please send the deadline for delivery of the ordered work, the size of the desired work, and the atmosphere of the desired work to the address given in the order confirmation email.

※What I would like you to send to me in step 3 is the specific content of the picture, such as “I want you to draw a fairy tale picture of a rabbit” or “I want you to draw a realistic picture of Kashiwamochi”.

Step 4.By exchanging emails, we will decide the approximate policy of painting work production.(There is no charge until this procedure.)

Step 5.Please deposit the fee to the specified account. I start work from step 5. If you are asked for a refund for your own reasons, we will not refund it.

Step 6.After confirming the payment to the designated account, we will send you a confirmation email.

Step 7.I will email you the composition of the work. After fine-tuning the composition and obtaining consent, I will start making paintings.

Step 8.If you wish, we will email you a photo of the unfinished ordered painting.

Step 9.Completion (First, I will email you the completed photo of the artwork you ordered.)

Step 10.I will wrap the painting you ordered in cushioning material, put it in a simple box, and ship it to the designated address.

Step 11.We will contact you after shipping.

※please confirm
・The price of a 5.51×7.08  inch painting is 14,300 yen. Please contact us for details on the size and price of the work.
・Production may not be accepted due to schedule or other reasons.
・Please give me 3 weeks to 2 months to make a painting. Please contact us if you are in a hurry.
・The price of the work is the price including tax.
・The price of the work does not include the price of the picture frame.
・If you would like a picture frame that I will provide, please contact me by replying to the email I will send you when your work is complete. ※ The amount will be charged separately. It can take up to a month to get a picture frame.
・We are not responsible for any accidents during transportation.
・As a general rule, you cannot cancel your order after step 5.

How to order a painting

Please order by email or the contact form below.
・Email address kanomakiko.art@ gmail.com

Contact form to order paintings